Current Officers
Secretary General Jean-Marc Hero, Australia
Secretary General Elect Xiang Ji, China
Treasurer Alan Savitsky, USA
WWW Manager Arie van der Meijden, Portugal
Chair IHC Richard Griffiths, UK

A group photo is of the Secretary Generals of the WCH
from left to right: Jean-Marc Hero (current), Aaron Bauer (2008-2012), Walter Hodle (2004-2008), Ulrich Joger (2001-2005), Marvalee Wake (1993-1997), Kraig Adler (1982-1989) and David Wake who was instrumental in establishing the WCH and invited Kraig Adler to be the first Secretary General. Missing SG’s are Marinus Hoogmoed (1989-1993) and Mike Tyler (1997-2001)




1982-1989 Kraig Adler Marinus Hoogmoed
1989-1993 Marinus Hoogmoed Robert L. Carroll
1993-1997 Marvalee Wake Roger Avery
1997-2001 Mike Tyler Roger Avery
2001-2005 Ulrich Joger W. Ronald Heyer
2005-2008 Walter Hödl W. Ronald Heyer
2008-2012 Aaron Bauer Alan Sawitzky

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