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African Journal of HerpetologyAfrican Journal of Herpetology (http://www.africanherpetology.org)
Amphibian ArkAmphibian Ark (http://www.amphibianark.org/)
Amphibiaweb (http://www.amphibiaweb.org)
Amphibian Specialist Group (http://www.amphibians.org)
International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN, http://www.iucn.org)
International Union of Biological Sciences (http://www.iubs.org/)
Union of International Associations (http://www.uia.org)

Herpetological Societies Worldwide
We provide links to any herpetological society which’ mission includes conservation and/or research and/or education and that encourages its members to follow relevant regional, national and international laws and ethical guidelines with respect to amphibian and reptile collecting, handling, keeping, and research. The presence of a link to the below societies does not imply formal endorsement by WCH.
ravon Stichting Ravon, the Netherlands http://www.ravon.nl
Sveriges Herpetologiska Riksförening Sveriges Herpetologiska Riksförening http://www.shr-herp.com
Smålands Herpetologiska Förening Smålands Herpetologiska Förening http://www.smhf-herp.se
WerkgroepHylaBeWerkgroep Hyla, Belgium http://www.hylawerkgroep.be
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