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At the WCH7, there will be elections for both the Executive and International Herpetological Committees. Nominations for the EC and IHC should be seconded as indicated below, and should also have the consent of the nominated person. Please refer to the listings of the current Executive Committee and International Herpetological Committee.

Please take the relevant passages of the WCH constitution into account:

4(ii) Term of Appointment of Members. Members of both the Executive and International Herpetological Committees are elected for two inter-congress terms, and are eligible for re-election by the Congress at which they are scheduled to retire.
4(iv) Election of Members. New members of both the Executive and International Herpetological Committees shall be elected by registered participants assembled at the final plenary session of each World Congress of Herpetology from a list of nominations submitted to the Executive Committee. If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies, then the election shall be by open ballot of a format to be determined by the Executive Committee.
4(v) Nominations for Membership. At least eighteen months prior to a congress the Secretary-General shall notify affiliated organizations and such herpetological journals and newsletters as he/she may determine, of a call for nominations for membership of the Executive and International Herpetological Committees.
All nominations for membership of these Committees must be received by the Secretary-General at least four months prior to a Congress and must be seconded either by any two members of either the Executive or International Herpetological Committees, or, in the case of the International Herpetological Committee, by the governing body of an Affiliated Organization.

To submit your nominations, please use the below form to contact Aaron Bauer:


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