Current Officers

Secretary General Judit Vörös Hungary

Secretary General Elect Phil Bishop New Zealand

Treasurer Alan Savitzky USA

Webmaster Ricky Spencer Australia

IHC Chair David Bickford USA

Congress Director Indraneil Das Malaysia


Secretary General: Jean-Marc Hero, Australia

Secretary General Elect: Xiang Ji, China

Treasurer: Alan Savitsky, USA

WWW Manager: Arie van der Meijden, Portugal

Chair IHC: Richard Griffiths, UK




Group photo is of the Secretary Generals of the WCH

from left to right: Jean-Marc Hero (current), Aaron Bauer (2008-2012), Walter Hodle (2004-2008), Ulrich Joger (2001-2005), Marvalee Wake (1993-1997), Kraig Adler (1982-1989) and David Wake who was instrumental in establishing the WCH and invited Kraig Adler to be the first Secretary General. Missing SG’s are Marinus Hoogmoed (1989-1993) and Mike Tyler (1997-2001)


1982-1989 Kraig Adler 

1989-1993 Marinus Hoogmoed 

1993-1997 Marvalee Wake

1997-2001 Mike Tyler

2001-2005 Ulrich Joger 

2005-2008 Walter Hödl

2008-2012 Aaron Bauer


1982-1989 Marinus Hoogmoed

1989-1993 Robert L. Carroll

1993-1997 Roger Avery

1997-2001 Roger Avery

2001-2005 W. Ronald Heyer

2005-2008 W. Ronald Heyer

2008-2012 Alan Savitzky

World Congress of Herpetology: International Herpetological Society