A meeting of the world's top herpetologists every 3-4 years

The mission of the World Congress of Herpetology (WCH) is to promote herpetological research, education and conservation, by facilitating communication between individuals, societies and other organisations engaged in the study of amphibians and reptiles.

Upcoming WCH10

We are pleased to announce that Kuching, Malaysia

will be the destination for the next WCH (WCH10) to be held in August 2024. More information to come!

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WCH9 in 2020

A very successful WCH9 was held between 5-10 January in Dunedin, New Zealand.

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Aotearoa Climate Change Declaration

"Be it resolved that the participants in the 9th World Congress of Herpetology call for:

the partnership of science and society to build science-based solutions to the problems caused by carbon emissions; all air travel to the Congress to be carbon-mitigated via reputable and certified avenues, with eventual goal of being a 100% carbon-neutral Congress; renewable energy and materials alternatives, local food (including limited meat and dairy), and transparency by vendors providing services for all Congresses (including transport, housing, food, and other sectors), and recognizing and enabling resilient indigenous and local economies; and increased protection for biodiversity and wild places." 

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World Congress of Herpetology: International Herpetological Society