Third World Congress of Herpetology Resolutions

Resolution No. 1

In the light of every-increasing evidence that populations and species of amphibians in many parts of the world are experiencing declines and even disappearances, and believing that these phenomena have relevance for our understanding of local, regional and possibly even global environmental processes, be it resolved that the Third World Congress of Herpetology, convened in Prague, Czech Republic, in August, 1997, commends the Task Force on Declining Amphibian Populations for its activities, urges it to continue and extend its efforts, and endorses its support by both governmental and non-governmental organizations and individuals throughout the world.

Prague, August 5, 1997

DAPTF Board and Symposiasts in “Declining Amphibian Populations: Geography and Possible Causes”

To be addressed to:

World Band



EPA European Community

Wildlife Australia

Ministry of the Environment/Australia

United Nations/Commission on Sustainable Development

United Nations/Convention on Biological Diversity





Biosphere Research Program

Potential sponsors: FFI, Conservation International


Third World Congress of Herpetology

Resolution No. 2

In recent years, there is a considerable increase in number of publications dealing with amphibians and reptiles with a non-scientific designation.

During our studies on systematics of Madagascan Poison Frogs (Mantella), we have come across a number of publications in such journals in which new scientific names were introduced without intention of erecting new species or subspecies (Mantella marojezyi, M. aurantiaca rubra, M. a. milotympanum, M. nasuta, M. mysteriosa). Although most of these have to be considered as nomina nuda, some were accompanied by a “diagnosis”, and therefore are nomenclatorally available according to the current version of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (1985).

From a herpetological point of view, there is a strong interest in avoiding such accidental taxa descriptions and “phantom names”.

Therefore we propose that the Executive Committee of the WCH III should support the following resolution directed to the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature.

It should be resolved that the forthcoming edition of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature which currently is in preparation should include the following minimal requirements:

In new species and subspecies descriptions, published after publication of the new code edition, the code should be unequivocal in demanding

(1) a diagnosis;

(2) a designation of a holotype;

(3) the deposition of the holotype in a public scientific collection;

(4) a description of the holotype.

Prague, August 5, 1997

Frank Glaw, Jörn Köhler, Stefan Lötters, Miguel Vences, Wolfgang Böhme, and fifteen others.

Third World Congress of Herpetology

Resolution No. 3

We, the participants, acknowledge the overwhelming effort and dedication of Secretary-General Marvalee H. Wake in her tireless oversight and provocative leadership of Congressional activities and business during the past three and one-half years. And further:

We extend our sincere gratitude to the Congress Director, Zbyněk Roček, for his conscientious planning and assiduous attention to detail that has led to the Third World Congress of Herpetology being convened in the remarkable city of Prague in the Czech Republic in the month of August, 1997, and that has resulted in a stimulating scientific program enhanced by an array of congenial social events. And last but not least,

We thank all the persons below, without whom the Congress would not have been possible:

Congress Center of the Czech Medical Association J. E. Purkyně:

Helena Loneková

Zdena Bártová

Jaroslava Černá

Jana Dohnalová

Jindra Dudová

Irena Chvojková

Saša Kurfürstová

Viktor Lonek

Monika Šenderová

Martina Šustová

CBT Travel Agency (accommodation, tourist programme):

Zuzana Tesařová

Student Staff:

Eva Austová

Alice Badalcová

Michal Berdych

Jan Bilík

Tomáš Čermák

Irena Češková

František Gebr

Martina Gottwaldová

Martina Hajmová

Marie Hučínová

Jana Chlumecká

Alice Janatová

Zdenek Jelínek

Petra Kamenská

Hynek Kempfer

Vladislava Koreňová

Martin Lonek

Olga Nováková

Jitka Pechová

Augusto Perea

Tomáš Pribiš

Martina Radonská

Ladislav Senolt

Klára Švecová

Radka Švihová

Štěpán Vorlíček

Barbora Závodská

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